October 2017 Operations Report

Well the end of another flying season is here and by all measures was successful.

The current status of the club is as follows.

We have a full roster of 50 and one person on the waiting list.

I spoke to the owner last month and at the moment we are green lighted for another year at the field.

During the season we had no serious accidents reported, or complaints from neighbors, and relations remain good with the farmer and the town.
I would like to remind everyone that the one stipulation the owner places on us is to insure him for liability, so to this end be aware we must adhere to AMA safety guidelines to have the policy in force.

All the planned one day special events came off as scheduled and were well attended by members and guests. As an aside if you have any new ideas for events next season or you would like to volunteer to honcho and event let me know.

The western approach has been improved by lowering the height of the dirt pile and removing the brush that was growing on it. This makes landing from that direction much easier.

The owner has told me that he and Hitchner are all in favor of any clean-up work done along the fence line. Once the leaves are gone we should take a look at removing some of the woody material to the west end and possibly a couple of the trees that are blocking the westerly approach view. We will be looking for volunteers for this project when it goes forward.

Additionally we repaired the potholes in the entry road thanks to Bill Savoy early in the spring.

A number of members from SAM attended the annual Vic and Dick road show organized by Dick Smith at CAGS. These are monthly trips to flying events around the region to fly and have fun. This year the road show included Joe Nall, Salem CT, Westport NY, Rhinebeck, and the Virgina Beach Mid Atlantic Dawn Patrol. If you would like to know more about this talk to myself or Frank Bove.

Once again Frank Bove will be collecting  the 2018 dues which are still $100 and become payable at the first of the year. Dues must be paid by the end of April to insure  your slot will not be given over to the next person on the waiting list.

Make checks payable to Frank Bove;
and mail to :

Frank Bove
6 Rocky Hill Rd.
Amherst, NH 03031

If anyone knows for sure they will not be renewing let Frank know as soon as possible so we can service the waiting list.

Attached to this newsletter is the Q2 /Q3 Treasurer’s report .  The only outstanding bill is the privee rental which should arrive in Q4. We will be going into 2018 in good shape financially barring any unforeseen expenses.

On a down note, I have to report Karl Hofer a recent member passed away this summer.

So enjoy any good days before snow and look forward to a great next season.