In general SAM does not sponsor open events such as those sanctioned by the AMA.

However we do have some regular internal events, and will from time to time open the field for a day of themed flying inviting our cohorts from other area clubs to join us.

If you have an idea for an event you would like to see send it in using the contact page.

Use the contact page to request further info on any of the listed events.
  1. Any Nice Wednesday, 9am to 1pm?
    The Buzzard Roost
    On any calm, sunny Wednesday those with time to spare congregate at the field for a morning of flying and good times . Bring a plane, coffee, lunch and plan to spend the morning with your buddies.
  2. Sunday, August 13, 2017 -- weather permitting
    SAM Family Picnic
    Our annual pot luck picknic for SAM families and guests. Lunch is served about 12 pm and drinks available all day. Members should bring some sort of dish to share. The club provides burgers and dogs. Flying is open to all types and kinds - just a day to enjoy one of NH premier fields and some beautiful countryside.
  3. Sunday May 21, 2017 9AM until ???
    Cub and Cousins Fly-in
    The Cubs and Cousins fly-in will be SAM's first Sunday Themed Fly-in of 2017. It is open to Piper Cub aircraft and their cousins. Cousins are defined as any high wing airplane that kind'a looks like a cub even if you have to squint real hard. There are no restriction on size, color or scaleness, The gate will be open, so invite your buddies from neighboring clubs to come and join in the fun. For any questions use the Contact Page on this website.
  4. Sunday, July 23 2017 - 9am to ??? weather permitting
    SAM Warbird Rally
    This fly-in is a chance to show off your military colors. Any plane, any size, any service, or any nation. Guests are welcome and the gate will be open for the day. Club will arrange lunch
  5. Sunday June 11 2017, 9am - ??? weather permitting
    Two is Better Than One Rally
    A biplane rally at the SAM field. Members are encouraged to show up and show off their biplanes. The gate is open at 9am if you want to invite your buddies from other clubs. For questions use the contact page on this site.